Friday, 4 October 2013

So... the plan for today was to get the pre-amp stage built this morning so that I could start testing over the weekend.

IT "issues" and a mix-up over staffing levels in the office put paid to that one!

However, I'm still hoping to take a run at this tonight. If I get on a roll I may be able to make up for the lost day.

And while I was on the train on my way to the office I decided that I'm definitely adding another wrinkle to this one. When I fitted the sustainer to my beloved Frankentele, I etched a brass plate to mount the electronics. A custom brass name plate will be a nice finishing touch for the CBA.

And that's where I've just had another "ah bollocks!" moment. My work laptop has all the software I need to create the artwork (Adobe Illustrator and InDesign). However, the font I use for the Dragondreams dragon symbol has been lost when they re-imaged the laptop with Windows 7. And I can't re-install it now because the powers that be have locked down the system folder! I don't have sufficient admin rights to add a font.

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